Children’s Publishers’ List of Writing Courses for Authors


Are you struggling with knowing HOW to write for children? Learning how to write for children can be trickier than learning to write for adults, and there is a lot authors need to learn.

You must be concise with your language, use age appropriate language based upon the targeted reading level, and you must consider the publishing restrictions on book lengths. Simply put, writing for children is harder than it looks.

Taking a course in how to write for children can help hone your skills and shorten your length of time between now and publication. After all, most authors I know would like to be published now, but it is difficult to write well enough to be picked up by a major publisher.

Check out the courses below and consider them as business-based training to get you on the road to being a published author with better efficiency. Of course, you won’t take all of these courses, but taking at least two of them from different sources can give you a solid perspective on writing for children.

Finding the Magic: Writing for Children is for anyone who wants to enter the world of writing for children.

Children’s Writing Super System = A video based course that will help you learn how to write children’s books. This course is taught by Christopher Maselli, who is the author of more than 40 published works for children.

Children’s Book Writing – Beginner through Advanced Level Online Courses – Selected “Best of the Web” by Forbes, the Gotham Writers’ Workshop Children’s Book Writing courses focus on skills at each level of writing for children.

Writing and Publishing Children’s Books – Courses about writing for children & Other Courses Taught about writing skills like creating characters, plots, etc.

The Picture Book Academy – 5 week, interactive, step-by-step course in the craft of writing children’s picture books.

How to Write A Great Children’s Book Course – by author Robyn Opie Parnell

UK Writing Books for Children Training Course. The UK distance learning Writing Books for Children course provides children.

Children’s Book Writing & Literature Courses Online. With their convenient home study children’s book writing courses, you can start toward your goal.

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