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Children's Book Writers:
Sites About Writing

Writing Children's Books @ Write4Kids.com - How To Write a ...
Tips, message boards and motivational techniques for writing childrens books.

Children's Writing Resource Center -- Writing for Children
For children's book writers -- and those who dream of writing a book for kids -- how-to information and inside secrets presented by Children's Book Insider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Writing

Children's Writing

Children's Writing -- Writers Write(R)
Welcome to our specialty section for children's writing! Here you'll find articles and features, children's writing markets and links to resources.

WritersDigest.com - Children's Writing - Information about writing ...
Information about writing for children from Writer's Digest.

SmartWriters.com - Writing for Children - Writing Resources ...
Learn the business and craft of writing for children.

Children Writing/Publishing
Resources for children's writing and publishing. Children's Voice The singular purpose of the childrens-voice is the publishing of children's writing.

Open Directory - Arts: Writers Resources: Children's Writing
How to's of children's writing. Childrens Writing sites. Tips, message boards and more.

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