Jan 282016
What if NO Publishing House Approval was Required to get published?
Guess what? It’s NOT anymore! 😀

You may not realize it, but Kindle books an eBooks outsell printed books by two-to-one these days. For my books, I sell on average about twice as many Kindle books as print copies.
Authors can easily publish their own Kindle books using free tools on Amazon. You can ALSO publish print books through Amazon’s Createspace service.

I’ve self-published several books. Let me tell you.. It’s a LOT easier to self-publish a book than it is to get a traditional publisher to accept and publish your book. AND, your books will sell if they’re good books!
I self-published and am currently selling over 100 copies in a month. I have great reviews, and am looking at self-publishing additional titles because of how easy it is.

If you’re interested in getting started, the two training courses below are a good place to learn all you need to know:

I completed this course: Kindle Money Mastery – It is geared more towards publishing non-fiction titles than it is children’s books or fiction titles, but the how-to publish a book content is GREAT.

This is a similar course: Kindle Cash Code
You don’t need both courses–Just pick the one that you prefer.
You can use your writing skills and your unique life experiences, interests and hobbies, to develop a successful writing careero or as an at-home business.
Ordinary people CAN make money selling information on the Internet… Because I’m pretty ordinary and I’m doing it!
Being a writer already, you have a distinct advantage. YOU can use your talents to make money with your writing NOW.
You can get a good idea about how to write an ebook and publish it on the Internet for a profit with the following eBooks too. Internet Publishing is the BEST way I’ve found to fulfill my desire to write, to earn money in a non-invasive way, and to succeed while being a work-from-home mom.

The following two products are step-by-step courses about writing and publishing eBooks for fun or profit. For a writer, this is a highly effective way to get your career launched without waiting for a publisher to “discover” you.

My hope is that by browsing these products, you will begin to see new possibilities for your writing career. Who knows.. Maybe you’ll be the next eBook millionaire!

Ultimate Kindle Workshop (complete video tutorial course)

Write A Best-selling Ebook

I’ve read a TON of info on the Internet and watched a bunch of tutorial videos to figure out how to publish my own books. I’ll tell you–you can do it that way and you’ll reach your goals, but it is a lot easier to purchase a simple, robust “How-To” training course to get started with eBook publishing.

THANKFULLY, there are some publishers of courseware to teach us these things in a concise way these days!

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